Lucy’s Pinafore Romper

So, by this point, you may be wondering what I do with all my thrift store fabric. Well, to be very honest, I have piles of fabric everywhere. Or, to the untrained eye, it may just look like a bunch of clothes I never wear, because I don’t cut the fabric up until I get ready to use it. I do this because it’s my refashioning nightmare to need more of a certain fabric and then realize that I threw away what little I had left because I mistakenly thought I didn’t need it. The struggle is real, y’all.

Anyway, I’ve had this dress idea¬†burning a hole in my mind for a few months, and today, I decided to just MAKE IT. I didn’t draw a sketch or even make a pattern, because I’m a rebel. I knew I wanted a cross strap back, (because I’m obsessed, y’all) with an elastic skirt, and a big pocket on the front of the bodice. One day, I aspire to be a legit designer instead of just a wing-it sewer, and when that day comes, maybe I’ll have a sketch or two to show you, but for now, all you get are the photos of the finished product, and promises to make more.

I call it Lucy’s pinafore romper.

DSC_0073There are a few changes I will make to my pattern, since this was the first draft. I think I’d like the pocket to be just a smidge smaller on all sides, and the bodice to be a little lower at the neck, but over all, I’m very pleased with this first attempt to create my vision.

PicMonkey Collage
Lucy seems to like it, too. Especially the pocket. Pockets are her favorite thing about every article of clothing she owns. If there’s not a pocket on it, I better not even bother trying to get her to wear it. Not that she uses the pockets, but she NEEEDS them nonetheless.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to refining this pattern and making more. This one was a dream to sew because I made it from a gently used t-shirt from Lands End that I found at the thrift store. Whenever I run across t-shirts that are basically new, and originally from a nice store like Lands End (or LLBean, Eddie Bauer, etc) I buy them for their fabric. The bigger the better. When it comes to refashioning, you want a durable fabric, because there is literally no point in poring out your sewing soul over a garment that is already worn out by the time you finish it.

I think this pattern would work well in a nice sturdy woven, too, as a cute jumper for fall/winter. I’m excited to try it out. What colors would you guys like to see? Have you refashioned anything as of late?



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