Apple Valley Natural Soap Shampoo Bar Review

A while ago, on instagram, I began my saga of hair care, in which me and my hair went through a lot together. It started with the decision to switch from regular shampoo (of the cheapest variety… suave, to be exact) to an all natural shampoo bar, with apple cider vinegar to condition. I began my journey with a soap bar that came highly recommended by a friend, and which my husband still really loves! The bar in question was from The Cheeky Maiden Soap Company and I really wanted to love it. However, as I later learned, curly hair is finicky, and this bar did not work out for my hair. I ended up with the weirdest residue in my hair, and it felt quite waxy. I’m not sure what happened, but things weren’t going well. I wore a lot of hair scarves.


After that, I decided to try a new bar. I searched high and low, from Etsy to Lush (by the way, all of Lush’s shampoo bars have sodium laureth/lauryl sulphate in them, so if you’re looking for all natural, don’t look there.) and finally came upon Apply Valley Natural Soap Company. Their website was chock full of good reviews, and they have over 30 different shampoo bars in stock. I ordered the peppermint tea tree oil bar (because… lice is a thing in the schools around here, lately) and waited anxiously for it to arrive, waxy hair and all.

After two weeks of use, I’m happy to say that my hair is A) no longer waxy and B) extra clean and conditioned. Exactly the results I was going for. I use 1 TBSP of apple cider vinegar mixed with 8 oz of water to condition, after washing, and I only wash about every 4 days.

Curly hair stamp of approval!Apple Valley Natural Soap


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