Update To my shampoo saga!

Hello, dear readers,

I’m writing to say that after a month of shampoo bar usage, I’ve decided a few things:

  1. Rinsing is extremely important when using shampoo bars. Cannot be overstated. Rinse, rinse, rinse more. I use a 1.5 cups of water, mixed with 1 TBSP of apple cider vinegar, to do an extra rinse after I rinse really well with the shower head, which helps detangle as well.
  2. On days when I don’t wash with the bar, I sometimes will rinse my hair out with water, and then another ACV rinse. This helps, again, with detangling, which is a major problem with my curls. The
  3. The Peppermint bar, while a huge improvement from the first bar I tried, is still not the Best. When I ordered it from Apple Valley Soap, I also purchased a Coconut Bar to try, because I liked the fact that it was only made from coconut oil (how is that even possible?) and essential oils for scent. I decided to try it on my hair, and see how I felt afterwards. The lather of this bar is FAR superior to any of the other shampoo bars I’ve found. Getting the bar to lather up is actually really important, or else you’ll end up with what is essentially soap scum residue in your hair. This also goes back to how important it is to rinse very well.

So, anyway, my hair washing journey is far from over, but I feel like I’m finally narrowing down my search for the ultimate eco-conscious and low-waste system. I’m also going to try using a henna/coconut milk conditioning treatment sometime soon, so I’ll let you know how that goes. Or, maybe you’ll know how it goes if you see me out and about with crazy hair, hahaha. I learned about this technique from a wonderful blog I discovered, Minimalist Beauty. Go check it out. You’ll lose an hour or two, if you find it as interesting as I did.


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