My name is Lindsay and I run this little blog. I started it after I realized that I had more things I was bursting to say than a few photos on instagram could handle. I have a husband and 2 young kids. I have a passion for using things and reusing things until they can’t find another new life. I have a real trouble with throwing things away. I mean, legitimate trash isn’t a problem, let’s be real. I’m talking throwing out that old t-shirt because it’s getting a little ratty. Turn it into reusable rags.

Or, in my case most often, clothes that have a small stain or don’t fit right anymore, but still have lots of usable fabric. That is how this all started. I started to make clothes for my daughter out of mine and my husband’s old cast offs. I took a rabbit trail down smocking lane and sold a lot of smocked dresses. Then, I started making headbands (that, of course, my daughter won’t wear. sighhhhh) out of old stretchy t-shirts.

Basically, things got a little out of hand. My fabric stash tripled in a month, and there’s pieces of thread everywhere.

But, it all boils down to this: I love, love, love taking something unloved and unused and turning it into something new and exciting. I mean, I love working with fabric in most capacities and I have loads of fabric I bought from a regular fabric store, but my favorite part of this whole venture is really the challenge of the hunt at the thrift store, and then later, figuring out how to best use my materials, and what to make out of them.

I should also mention that my first creative love is knitting. I will always love knitting more than sewing. But, knitting lacks that instant success feeling that sewing gives me, and I guess I’m a little addicted to finishing projects in less than 6 months. Ha ha.

I hope you enjoy following my little journey here.


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